Our Barndominiums are standard stick built houses With A Large Shop Attached

Design Process Program
We Take Pride!
H&H Custom Buildings takes pride in the fact that we design and build a custom Barndominum for you. We do not simply give you a cookie cutter blueprints and ask you to pick one. That is why we developed the Design Process Program. This program will ensure that we build a custom Barndominium that matches your exact specification. Because we are not just building a house we are building a home.  
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The H&H Design Team will help guide you through process of building your custom Barndominium plans and answer any questions you may have.
Barndominiums vs Post Frame Buildings
A “Barndominium” is a fully customizable home with an attached workshop. It is as simple as that. It acts as a dual-purpose building, providing shop, work, or storage areas large enough for boats and recreational vehicles as well as customized living space.
Post Frame Building
Pole framing or post-frame construction is a simplified building technique adapted from the labor-intensive traditional timber  or metal framing technique. It uses large poles or posts buried in the ground or on a foundation to provide the vertical structural support, along with girts to provide horizontal support